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For over 10 years our customers have appreciated the easy installation, quick operation, and rugged construction that makes Minute Man the obvious choice for light duty towing & repossession use. Don't settle for a knock-off, go with the company you can trust.

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Tech Tip: Fluid change

Tech tip:

We suggest changing your lift's hydraulic fluid twice a year.  Why? Because over time moisture can build up in the fluid.

The pumps we use in the Minute Man lifts require Dexron ATF (3 or 4). If it looks pink and frothy like pepto - then it has water and other contaminates in it. When the weather gets cold water freezes - oil doesn't. This can cause your fluid to turn to slush (and of course your lift won't run on slush). If your fluid is pink - change it now. Otherwise, do it once in the spring and fall.

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XD Customer Testimonial

This video was produced by Pierce Sales of Texas.  
Thanks to Pierce Sales for sharing this with us! 

Watch as a Minute Man XD owner shares his perspective:

Repo Volumes Projected to Rise in 2013

October 16, 2012 

Manheim chief economist Tom Webb projected repossession volumes will climb next year while also explaining why that growth will be tempered.


Buying Used: What is a used Minute Man lift worth?

What's it worth - and what is it?

What is a used Minute Man lift worth?  I get asked this question all the time.  The problem is - there are so many factors it's hard to say an exact value.

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